Dystoverse is coming!

3 min readAug 30, 2021


We want to announce to our community and friends our latest update in our roadmap for the Dystoverse. Two months after the successful launch and successful reveal, now we want to share the next steps in the DystoPunks NFT Collection. DystoPunks VX and $CREDS are coming

DystoPunks NFTs — This project pays homage to the original CryptoPunks and is not affiliated with Larva Labs.

Official Dystoverse ERC20, the $CREDS

After The Bot Wars and the decimation of the Punks, the survivors were trying to live with the spare resources that they found. A strange teal mineral started to become an unofficial medium of exchange for trading the scarce resources left in the Dystoverse. This habit led to the mint of the $CREDS, the official token of the Dystoverse made of that strange mineral.

The DystoPunks earn 7 $CREDS daily by having different professions. Some are scrap collectors, engineers, others are mechanics, some are merchants… It is known that the DystoPunks V1 and companions already had some of that mineral saved before the war that they converted to $CREDS after the coin minting.

$CREDS are utility tokens of the Dystoverse and some functionalities will be announced to burn them. Yield protocol starts in October.

DystoPunks Roadmap

Official Sandbox Partnership

We’re also happy to announce our official partnership with The Sandbox to bring full interoperability for our Custom DystoPunks VX Metaverse Avatars and now we have a 6x6 ESTATE to build our city.

All Dystos will be able to teleport to the Dystoverse by connecting to the Portal. The Portal will allow every holder of a DystoPunk V1, V2, or 3D and companions to enter the metaverse by getting a Voxel representation of it, a DystoPunk VX. This will allow them to enter in any voxel metaverse platform such as The Sandbox.

A group of Dystos is building a new city from the ruins of The Bot Wars, Greystone City. This city will be available in The Sandbox metaverse. There, DystoPunks VX will be able to explore. Greystone City is the place where DystoPunks will shine. It will offer missions to play and earn $CREDS and will create an expanding ecosystem where Humans, Robots, Apes, and Aliens will live.

Gmoney Ape in the DystoComics — Art by ENCODE GRAPHICS

DystoPunks Comics in collab with ENCODE Graphic

We are pleased to announce also our first comic with the collaboration of ENCODE GRAPHICS This comic will reveal the base lore of the entire Dystoverse, details about The Bot Wars, and will feature key characters such as Gmoney. We can’t wait to share with you what we are preparing.

The DystoLab Experiments

DystoPunks are always trying to improve themselves and gearing up to overcome any possible event. The Factory Upgrade got old and was limiting their evolution. They had to revamp it and build the DystoLab. They usually go there to buy improved weapons, advanced vehicles, and awesome companion robots.

In the DystoLab, there’s also a possibility to inject implants thanks to the advanced nanotechnology available. Any engineer of the DystoLab will be able to upgrade your DystoPunk VX for some $CREDS.

The mad scientists of the Dystolab are always doing experiments to improve the species and to discover new technology. Expect rare and strange stuff to be available in the DystoLab as they complete their experiments. Save $CREDS because you will need them.

We are incredibly excited for what’s about to come. Join our Discord to always stay up to date and become part of our community: https://discord.gg/dystopunks

We want to greatly thank the entire CyberKongz community for being the inspiration for our project and supporting us in a great way!




Welcome to a tech-filled dystopian future where only 2077 Punks survived.