DystoPunks VX Minting and Claiming Guide

2 min readMar 7, 2022


In this article we will briefly explain how to mint the DystoPunks VX on the new website! https://www.dystopunks.net/

DsytoPunks Timeline/Roadmap

The first thing you should do is go to the mint section, there you will find several buttons that will be activated if you meet the conditions.

The first part is to mint with the Whitelist and with the Crates, the Public Mint will be activated in 24 hours.

The second part is to claim the free DystoPunks VX! You can claim them whenever you want and without a time limit.

The third part is to be able to continue minting Dystolab Crates with $CREDS (Remember that they will have a valuable utility in the Dystolab)

DystoPunks VX Mint/Claim

Finally if you have DystoPunks you must go to the “Profile” section to be able to claim your DystoPunks VX (one by one or several at the same time). You just have to upload your DystoPunks and select the ones you want to claim. (There is also no time limit, all free mints are forever)

In this section you can also claim your $CREDS and see the balance, you can also use the tool to find out if a DystoPunk already claimed the VX. DystoPunks can be bought and sold with the unclaimed VX attached.

That’s all, I hope you have a Happy Minting!




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