DystoPunks VX is coming!

4 min readFeb 20, 2022


In the last few months we have been cooking and building voxel by voxel our migration to The Sandbox with one very important goal: to make one of the best VX Avatars in the Metaverse, which has been an incredible challenge for the DystoPunks team. We are reaching the Level 3 of our original Roadmap.

DystoPunk VX + Dystolab Katana

DystoPunks VX Trailer

A few weeks ago we released a Youtube Trailer where you can see the DystoPunks VX in action and some sneak peeks of the Dystolab Crates! The possibilities are endless, if you haven’t seen it, please watch it now here!

DystoPunks Current Utility

Before we get into more details of what’s coming, please take a look at everything we’ve done and delivered to our holders since the DystoPunks launched:

DystoPunks Current Utility

DystoPunks VX Launch

The expansion of the project with its Sandbox-ready avatars creates a one-time opportunity for many more Cyberpunks to find their fam and join us. This is similar in many ways to how CyberKongz have expanded their community with the introduction of their VX collection.

In the jungles and dystopian streets of The Sandbox, the DystoPunks and CyberKongz are great allies of each others, the communities share many goals, and in many cases share members… !ooh

Please check all the launch details of our VX collection:

Dystolab Crates Sneak Peeks

The daily production of $CREDS and Dystolab Crates is a growing sense that the force is getting stronger with the DystoPunks community. Minting a Dystolab Crate or buying it at OpenSea will get you Whitelisted for DystoPunks VX, the Snapshot will be taken a few days before launch and remember that Dystolab Crates, once opened, will provide content can be used in any VX avatar collection.

If you watched the Trailer you may have noticed some smol leaks of the Dystolab Crates content, and if not… here are some high quality renders:

Crowbar + FCK the PLC Shield
CyberWolf Pet

DystoPunks Comics

The first comic book series for the DystoPunks launched by Web3 native comic book publisher ENCODE GRAPHICS has already been published and has set the stage for a tale of treachery and survival among these Cyberpunks. You can read it here.

Very soon we will announce more details of the following Comics and the ENCODE Graphics platform.


Official Worldwide Web3 Partnership

In a dystopian world like Worldwide Webb, the lore, art and concept of the DystoPunks are the perfect blend of two dystopian worlds, that is why we are taking this Partnership very seriously like two projects born to be together. Just as the DystoPunks VX will have the Dystoverse in The Sandbox, the Pixelart DystoPunks will have the Dystoverse in Worldwide Webb.

We have made the acquisition of 3 lands: 1 small apartment, 1 medium apartment and 1 large apartment! This will allow us to start building a community within Worldwide Webb.

DystoPunks x Worldwide Web3

What’s Next?

We will be working very hard on the next levels of the Roadmap, bringing the Dystolab to life where you can open your Crates and spend your $CREDS upgrading your DystoPunks VX, breeding pets and creating more stuff.

We will also work on the full integration with Worldwide Web3 and will release the custom bodies very soon, we have enlarged our dev team and will hire a professional voxel team to build Greystone City in our 6x6 in The Sandbox.

We are developing our new Website with the new Roadmap that will be ready on in the DystoPunks VX launch day: March 7

Join our discord to stay in touch: https://discord.gg/DystoPunks

See you in the Metaverse…




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