DystoPunks upcoming updates!

It’s been over a month since the last update and this is because the DystoPunks team has been quietly developing a new idea and at the same time that we are actively building in the Metaverse.

DystoPunks VX Floating Bus

DystoPunks VX will receive a major update that will include new formats, full rigged models and new animations! The team is working simultaneously with the The Sandbox team for a prompt and proper implementation.

DystoPunks Party by Shikamaru

Dystolab Crates

There have been numerous additions to the Dystolab Crates content such as Jetpacks, Hoverboards and Speeders, most importantly all of these will be functional in The Sandbox! So get your Crates ready, because the Dystolab will open very soon!

ACAB Speeder — Dystolab Crates
Jetpack & Hoverboard — Dystolab Crates

Greystone City

Together with our partners from LandVault we continue to build voxel by voxel the DystoPunks city located in The Sandbox, In it we can meet a futuristic tech city with skyscrapers, we can explore the sky with a bit of Parkour or go through the streets in search of some hidden bars… The building progresses satisfactorily:

Greystone City Smol Leaks

We have also designed some incredible NPCs who are in charge of the Lore and the Quests of the city… We will find very particular characters.

Headtank & T800 — Greystone City NPCs

We will have a lot of awesome Graffiti, Tags and Art to enrich the decadent streets of Greystone City thanks to a guest artist who is helping us: Gozque (@sgozque77)

Gozque Graffiti

We have also made a collaborative Art piece part of the Decadence collection at Foundation: https://foundation.app/@Dekadente/dekadence/6

SynthSpeed — Deka x GZQ Collab

Worldwide Webb

Our bodies are ready to conquer the biggest pixel art Metaverse of all! The art and animation are finished, we are in the last stage of implementation and when we are done we will celebrate properly with a big party in our big Webb3 apartment!

DystoPunks in Worldwide Webb

The New Idea: A New Metaverse

A new idea is being quietly developed by all DystoPunks devs… A new Metaverse, a game that combines 3D with Pixel Art that for now we will call Project: Dystoverse

Project: Dystoverse — City Sketch

Project: Dystoverse will be a Metaverse where DystoPunks will train and equip CyberMonsters to fight… These CyberMonsters will be able to gain experience and level up, evolve and upgrade through the Dystolab using $CREDS

The $CREDS will be the base economy of the game, since apart from improving and updating our CyberMonsters we can use them to buy usable objets, gear and customizable for your CyberMonsters. $CREDS can also be used to spawn CyberEggs in the Dystolab, eggs that contain rare species of CyberMonsters.

CyberCroc #239 Sketch — Airdrop CyberMonster
CryptoCheems #3 Sketch — Airdrop CyberMonster
CyberBear Sketch — DystolabEgg CyberMonster

This Metaverse will unite all Dekaverse collections and other NFT collections may also participate in the future, we are developing a Whitepaper where we will explain everything in detail. Our crazy scientists are still researching and experimenting with all the new ideas and mechanics for this new game, which is sure to be a big challenge.

Project: Dystoverse — CyberMonsters Sketches

More Updates: AAA Game Partnership

Haunted Space will be the first Play AND Earn game that connects the blockchain world to the leading marketplaces: Steam (PC), Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and S. The project is a AAA game produced by a gaming design company which includes a team of more than fully doxxed 30 experts!

We are happy with this partnership and excited to see what we can do with them.

DystoPunks x CryptoFoxes: Runner League

An old friendship revived with a new partnership: Another NFT video-game… Runner League allowing you to play as your NFT and compete against other players and communities!… More info soon.

The best: you can play with your DystoPunk

DystoPunk Runner League Character

Remember: DystoPunks VX mint is live and there are still 2 legendaries to discover! https://www.dystopunks.net/mint

Join our discord to stay in touch: https://discord.gg/DystoPunks



Welcome to a tech-filled dystopian future where only 2077 Punks survived.

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Welcome to a tech-filled dystopian future where only 2077 Punks survived.