$CREDS and Dystolab Crates is launching!

We’re happy to announce to our community that we have finished the Level 1 of the DystoPunks Roadmap. We have developed the new $CREDS utility token for the DystoPunks community. From now on the DystoPunks generate 7 $CREDS daily for 7 years. Claim now in DystoPunks.net

Dystolab Crates

Presenting the CRATES

Something strange is happening in the Dystoverse, a hooded entity is packaging strange stuff into tech-locked crates. No one really knows what crates contain, rumors say that they contain high-tech implants and weapons but no one is able to open them. The crates are minted in a vending machine called Dystolab Machine and looks like crates are numbered up to 7777 only. So there won’t be more than 7777 available. That’s why the DystoPunks are trying to get as many as possible.

This hooded entity said that only in the Dystolab is there a tool to open the crates, so DystoPunks will have to wait until the Dystolab is built to unlock its rewards.

To mint a Dystolab Crate you need to go to our website holding a DystoPunk in your wallet and burn 300 $CREDS.

Dystolab Machine in the Dystoverse

Looking to the next levels of the Roadmap

We’re already working hard on the next steps of the DystoPunks Roadmap. The launch of the DystoPunks Comics by ENCODE GRAPHICS will be released soon, we can’t wait to share what we have ready for you.

Meanwhile, we’re also working on level 3 developing the DystoPunks VX and we’re happy to announce that all our DystoPunks owners will have airdropped the Dystolab Machine and another little surprise that The Sandbox team have prepared for us.

Metakey + DystoPunks Partnership

We also want to remind you of our partnership with Metakey, a project that focuses on utility within the Metaverse, we will have some surprises for both holders.

Join our Discord to always stay up to date and become part of our community: https://discord.gg/dystopunks

$CREDS is not an investment and has no economic value. It will be earned by active participation within the DystoPunks and Dystoverse ecosystem.




Welcome to a tech-filled dystopian future where only 2077 Punks survived.

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Welcome to a tech-filled dystopian future where only 2077 Punks survived.

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