3D viewer is live and files are available for download!

3 min readMay 7, 2022


The standard 3D format is now available for download! We’ve added a 3D Viewer and downloadable .gltf files for each DystoPunk VX. These can be opened as 3D element on your PC and imported into different rendering software to create amazing scenes.

DystoPunks VX 3D Viewer

The 3D Viewer is available on OpenSea and you will be able to turn your character around, change the animation and background color. We will update it to improve it and add more things in the near future.

DystoPunk VX Art Contest

We are launching our first art contest, we want to see the most creative and impressive renders of your personal DystoPunks VX. Show us where your Dysto lives, show us what it likes to do, show us anything, creativity is important! The contest will be only for rendered images, since we will do a video contest soon.

There will be a bunch of great prizes for the winners!

We will give away to the best renders: DystoPunks, DystoPunks VX, Dystolab Crates, $CREDS and ETH!

Download Buttons for 3D Files

How can you participate?

To participate you must be a holder and download the .glft file of your favorite DystoPunk VX through our website https://www.dystopunks.net/ in your profile menu.

The files contain your DystoPunk VX with some animations. It can be imported into different 3D rendering software to create different scenes. A powerful and free to use software is Blender (https://www.blender.org/) It can be complex to use but you can learn by watching some YouTube tutorials.

For an easy rendering experience we can recommend Light Tracer Render (https://lighttracer.org/). Here you can import the .gltf files and play with the light and camera settings to render the final image.

Shikamaru’s Cyborg art renders

As soon as you are done with your sick work, post it on Twitter with the hashtag #DystoPunks, tag @DystoPunks and go to our Discord server (https://discord.gg/DystoPunks) and post the tweet link in the contest channel!

We will be hosting a $CREDS party in our Discord on Sunday, May 15th 19:00 UTC where everybody can vote on their favorite artwork to see who will come out on top!

Whats next?

Next up is the launch of the Dystolab and the new website. The new site will be the definitive website where you can find a lot of pixel art and all the information about the project and the devs,the New Roadmap and much more.

New interactive Roadmap smol leak

The Dystolab will be a web application where you can finally open your Dystolab Crates, view collection statistics, view your DystoPunks, download all the corresponding files, new features and new utility for the $CREDS

We are also working so that soon you can download more files of your DystoPunks in different formats such as .vox, .obj. and .png profile pictures.

Remember that the **mint is live** for the DystoPunks VX and there are still 2 legendaries to discover! https://www.dystopunks.net/mint




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